About Dr Hooker


“My ultimate goal is to create a natural look, bringing out the very best in my patients.”

Dr. LaRee Hooker received her doctorate from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2003.  Being trained in conventional and holistic medicine has given her a well-rounded view point as an integrative practitioner and an added advantage as an expert in anti-aging medicine.

In addition to her thriving private practice, Beauty Hook Aesthetics & Wellness, Dr. Hooker has served as the Medical Director for the Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics since 2010, and is an Educator at National Laser Institute, training healthcare professionals in the art of Medical Aesthetics for over 11 years now.

Dr. Hooker’s passion for knowledge and education is what motivates her to improve her skills by constantly seeking out the latest treatments & trends. Many have often heard her say “Knowledge is not meant to be kept to yourself. If you know something that another can benefit from, it’s your responsibility to share the wealth!”

Referring to herself as a “true educator at heart” she has always taken the time to share her knowledge with her patients.  She has perfected her treatments to bring out the most natural look possible. Her unique ability to connect with her patients, along with her training and expertise, make her a perfect anti-aging cosmetic physician.